Your reliable connection in critical comunications and advanced weather information systems...


Your reliable connection in critical comunications and advanced weather information systems...


  • WiNRADiO WR-G33EM Marine HF Receiver


    The WiNRADiO G33EM: A ground-breaking marine receiver that will surely amaze you.
    Whether you own a yacht or a larger vessel, this small but powerful receiver will really make your life easier.
    • Available Accessories
      Optional GPS Receiver $193.95
      Active Antenna for WR-G33EM $200

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    The WiNRADiO WR-G33EM is a high-performance receiver specially developed for marine applications. It covers the HF frequency range to 30 MHz, and contains a number of decoding facilities including HF Fax, NAVTEX, DSC and TELEX, as well as classical AM, SSB and CW radio modes.

    The receiver comes in a small enclosure which connects to an IBM-compatible PC (desktop or laptop) via the supplied USB cable. An external antenna connects to the receiver.
    -Frequency range 9kHz to 30MHz
    -AM, LSB, USB, DSB, CW conventional modes
    -DSC, HF Fax, NAVTEX, TELEX marine modes
    -High sensitivity
    -Excellent dynamic range
    -Real-time spectrum analyzer
    -Spot-on tuning in 1Hz steps
    -Continuously variable bandwidth
    -Automatic scheduling, recording and playback
    -GPS option

    This high-performance marine receiver is extremely sensitive and optimized to work with relatively short antennas, typically found in a marine environment, yet featuring a respectable dynamic range making the receiver resistant to strong signal overload.

    Optional Accessories:
    GPS receiver

    Receiver type DDS-based dual-conversion superheterodyne with software-defined last IF stage and demodulator
    Frequency range 9 kHz - 30 MHz
    Tuning resolution 1 Hz
    Mode AM, LSB, USB, DSB, CW
    Spurious-free Dynamic Range 93 dB
    Image Rejection 60 dB
    RSSI accuracy 5 dB
    RSSI sensitivity 1 µV
    Selectivity Continuously adjustable 100-15000 Hz

    (10dB S+N/N)


    Mode 0.1-0.5 MHz 0.5-2.0 MHz 2.0-30 MHz
    AM* 2.0µV 0.5µV 0.4µV
    LSB, USB 0.7µV 0.3µV 0.2µV
    CW 0.3µV 0.2µV 0.1µV
    * 80% modulation
    Intermediate frequencies IF1: 45 MHz
    IF2: 12 kHz
    Frequency stability 10 ppm (0 to 60° C)
    Antenna input 50 ohm (SMA connector)
    Output USB (1.0 and 2.0 compatible)
    Power 6 W (0.5 A @ 12V DC)
    Low-noise AC/DC linear power adapter supplied
    Fused lead for direct 12 V DC connection also supplied
    Dimensions Length: 164 mm (6.46")
    Width: 96 mm (3.78")
    Height: 41 mm (1.61")
    Weight 467 g (16.40 oz)
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