Alden has a Weatherfax, Navtex, DSC, or RTTY
receiver to meet your
needs if you operate a:

personal yacht
commercial fleet
government ship

ALDEN provides mariners
with products that are:

Morcom Launches Alden Weather Systems
© Copyright 2006 Morcom International, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Alden is a registered trademark of Morcom International, Inc.

The Company

Alden Weather Systems is a division of Morcom International, Inc. and the ALDEN® brand is the property of Morcom.

Many of you may fondly remember the Alden Electronics, Inc. company of Westborough, Massachusetts. Alden Electronics was founded by John M. Alden in the 1950’s. For many years, Alden was one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of weather products and services, including satellite phone systems, computer-based weather-information receiving stations, and a line of marine electronics products. Alden Electronics closed its doors in 2000, at that time Morcom International, Inc. acquired and registered the name with the U.S. Patent Office. After several years of technical research and marketing efforts Morcom has launched Alden Weather Systems. Although it is a separate entity from the original, the new Alden abides by the same tradition of excellence in design and quality workmanship in all the products we sell.

Our engineers and developers will continue to work to design new products and services to fulfill the needs of marine and aviation users of meteorological and navigation information. Check this website often to get updates on our new offerings.
From the President’s Desk…

“We are really proud to launch our new line of Alden products. Our new Alden Weather Systems division is poised to capture an important share of the weather information and navigation equipment market. Morcom will continue to support and invest in this line of products to stay in the forefront of technological advances and capabilities not only with equipment but also with meteorological information services that will be made available in the future from us."

Manuel A. Ojeda
President, Morcom International, Inc.

Check back often to get updates on our new offerings.